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Elevating products to the next level with world-class design and engineering expertise. From User Research to making your MVP, we've got your back

We do this by following
simple approach:

Goal defines it all

What do you want to achieve? Understanding the purpose of your presentation allows us to tailor it to ensure it hits the mark and drives results.

Audience is the hero

Who is it for? What do they want? Why does it matter to them? We need to know your audience well enough to deliver a personalized presentation that they truly care about.

Context makes a difference

When do you present? Online or live? At a sales meeting, at a conference, or just sending a cold email? We knit the context together to decide the style of the presentation.

Holistic process

01. Phase


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We define your goals, get to know your audience, and understand the context. Through a process of exploration, investigation, and research, we seek the insights that inform our future decisions.

02. Phase


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Based on the answers, previous drafts, and additional research, we will develop a foundation of the deck — the structure of the presentation. We build a tone of voice, flow, and narrative to engage our audience. Here we will win people's minds.

03. Phase


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We use design to guide our audience's attention and keep them engaged. It's not only what you want them to do, but also how you make them feel. We make sure the presentation wins people's hearts and leaves a perfect long-lasting impression.

04. Phase


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We want to stay on the same page. Hence, each phase wraps up presenting the work to you to collect and implement your feedback if such appears.

05. Phase


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We will carefully collect and prepare all the project files to ensure smooth future use.

Let’s be honest. There are really no excuses to have a bad product anymore. No one has time for poorly communicated ideas. Focus on what you do best — growing your business, while we do our best at designing your product.

Our Capabilities:

Designing product:

Product development:

AI/ML development:

Technology we use:

Front End Development:
Back End Development:


Clients’ reviews

Nina Walloch

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I am satisfied with the overall UI/UX design and user experience of the SAAS product. Navigation is intuitive and easy to use, the layout is consistent throughout the product. The design is visually pleasing and the use of colors and typography is effective. On the development side, the product is well-built and the codebase is easy to navigate. However, implementing a more robust automation testing and monitoring system would improve the product further.

Tomer Levy

image description

I am pleased with the overall branding and development of the SAAS product. The branding is consistent, professional and effectively represents the company's image. The development is robust, and the codebase is easy to navigate. However, more focus on automation testing and scalability to cater for more users and data will improve the product further.

Ellen Kim

image description

The UI/UX for our SAAS product review is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for clients to navigate and find the information they need. Full stack development ensures smooth functionality and quick loading times. Our branding is professional and polished, instilling trust and credibility in our clients. Overall, our product review platform offers a seamless and efficient experience for our clients.

Brendan Goss

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As a client of our SAAS product review platform, you'll find that the user interface is sleek, intuitive and easy to navigate. The full stack development ensures that the platform is fast and responsive, making your experience smooth and seamless. The branding is professional, trustworthy and consistent, which we believe will help you to build confidence in the platform. All in all, we strive to create a top-notch experience for you as our valued client.

Raff Labrie

image description

I have recently had the pleasure of working with 2wiz Studio on the development of my MVP, and I have been extremely impressed with the level of service and expertise provided by their team. The UI/UX design was intuitive and visually pleasing, making it easy for users to navigate. The full stack development was also top-notch, providing a fast, reliable and responsive platform. The team at 2wiz Studio was very easy to work with, and they were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that my MVP was exactly what I wanted it to be. I would highly recommend 2wiz Studio to anyone looking for a high-quality development team for their MVP.

Stefan Strohmer

image description

The result was just amazing! For me, a designer is exceptional when you are so satisfied with the result that you want to look at it the whole day like a kid with a new toy. Ihor and his team delivered exactly that! They are very talented designers who understand the real business problem we are trying to solve and iterate over many drafts to achieve the best possible outcome. We are looking for a long-lasting working relationship!

Jaci Smith

image description

They nailed what our product was all about. We found their ability to workshop all the angles and take on feedback was great and it shows in the final product. Everything moved with a milestone dynamic brief via Notion which was handy to track progress. We’re very happy with the process and the final product. All was handled well and professionally.

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What you can expect



The relationship with the clients is our top priority. We put extra effort into keeping mutual respect, honesty, and clarity in the conversation. For each client, we develop a project view site in Notion to track milestones and see the thinking behind steps. You always know what and when we do, as you feel confident in the results we bring.



We are a Multi-Culture business working mainly with international clients. And as Our Founders From Bangladesh & India, we offer an unshakable workforce that's proven it can handle anything. The international arena was our focus from the start. Part of our mission is to promote our homeland by doing the most incredible work we can, each project at a time.



We simply ask lots of questions to understand your goals, business, and niche you operate. Our discovery process is essential as it informs our decisions throughout the project. Once we firmly define the goal, it is incredible to move towards that goal. That's why so much of our work is discovery, research, and asking good questions. The answers we get and the data we find go into the foundation of project success.



Every project is led by Bhaskar, the agency's founder and CTO. He ensures the whole project flows from start to finish. He puts together the right technology and design team for your specific project. You will always have this direct contact person available to speak your business language. He takes care of translating your business goals into the language of design for the team.



We are passionate about creating industry-shifting presentations. And as the world around us, we constantly evolve and improve. Our growth is fueled by an innovative ecosystem designed for each team member to grow. We provide them with frequent pieces for training both on design craft and personal development. We are constantly looking for new ways to support our creatives and our community as for our clients.



We believe it is vital to dedicate sole focus and undivided attention to each project. To add as much value as possible, we serve a limited amount of clients per month. We have a rule that we follow to choosing projects: our client understands the value of the presentation as a communication tool. We believe in their products or ideas. Together, we work to create positive change.

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